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The Eagle started hosting live music back in mid 2012, having reopened late in the year previous, with open mic nights hosted by local musicians and steadily built a reputation on the local music scene. By popular demand the first floor was repurposed as a more suitable live music venue than the ground floor could ever offer.


Sadly, it was short lived as a noise complaint closed the first floor, forcing the music to move back downstairs where it remained...that was until 2016.


2016 saw the old Eagle bar close its doors and be reborn as The Tooth & Claw. With huge changes throughout it was clear that the focus was now solely on music.  Following the venue placing first in PRS For Music's annual competition Music Makeover, earning The Tooth & Claw £10,000 and a consultancy with GRAMMY award winning music producer Steve Levine, they managed to put right what so many thought had been big blow to the local music scene.

A wee bit o' history

The first floor was refurbished and reopened with soundproofing and specially selected equipment by Steve Levine that would deliver an unparalleled sound. 

In the time since the reopening The Tooth & Claw has quickly gained a formidable reputation as one of Scotlands best small music venues, playing host to bands and club nights such as Bossy Love, Schnarff Schnarff, Saint PHNX and Hypnotic Groove.

where to find us and when

Mon - Thur: 12pm - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 12pm - 1am
Sun: 12pm - Midnight

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